If only privacy was still around Kenny Soto

Fake News, Filter Bubbles, & Data: If Only Privacy Was Still Around

“We are free only insofar as we exercise control over what people know about us, and what circumstances they come […]

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Teaching children kenny soto

Challenges In The Classroom: What I'm Learning By Teaching Children

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William Arthur Ward […]

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Surviving As A College Grad Isnt Impossible Kenny Soto

Surviving As A College Grad Isn't Impossible, Right?

“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” — Jerzy Gregorek   What I wish I knew before graduating college […]

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Being Bilingual Kenny Soto

¿Being Bilingual: Navigating The World With Two Identities?

Contemplating my Latino identity while Living in China I’ve grown up my whole life with the ability to listen to a language that is a […]

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Kenny Soto China

Days 3-9 - A Lot Has Happened, Living In China Isn’t Easy

Proper preparation prevents poor performance I must admit that even with all the preparation I did before arriving in Beijing, […]

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Maktub - A Book And A Word That Changed My Life Kenny Soto

Maktub: A Book & A Word That Changed My Life

Maktub an Arabic word that stands for, it is written. I first discovered this word when I read The Alchemist […]

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Why I decided to live in china for a year kenny soto

Why I Decided To Live In China For A Year

“Anyone who stops learning is old.” — Henry Ford When I was in college, I ran errands on TaskRabbit to […]

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Failure is your friend Kenny Soto

Failure Is Your Friend & You’re Going To Fail A Lot

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill Have you ever experienced an […]

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What Will You Do To "Flip" Your Time Kenny Soto

What Will You Do To “Flip” Your Time?

The Formula Your time equals = Building relationships + Supporting good habits + Ongoing education + Vision + Fun   […]

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Your kids will google you Kenny Soto

Your Children Will Google You, You’re A Living Time Capsule

Do you need a personal brand? “When’s the last time you’ve Googled your name?” This is a question I often […]

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6 Lessons For My Career That I've Learned From Being A Gamer Kenny Soto

6 Lessons For My Career That I've Learned From Being A Gamer

This article was written with contributions from Malik Christopher. Video games are more than entertainment It’s been over six months […]

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Working for free kenny soto

Accelerating Your Professional Growth By Working For Free

Working for free has its own value Since 2015 I’ve been volunteering my time at SCORE NYC, a federal nonprofit […]

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Self education Kenny Soto

Creating Your Own Curriculum For Self-Education After College

“Knowing what you don’t know is more useful than being brilliant.” Charlie Munger, taken from the Farnam Street Blog   […]

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Kenny Soto Expand Your Network

The Best Networking Tip For Young Professionals: Host An Event

Why networking sucks I can still remember the most awkward greeting I ever gave someone at the first networking event […]

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entry level of success kenny soto

The Cost Of Entry For Any Level Of Success (2 Min. Read)

It Takes Time To Build Your Reputation No matter what list of accomplishments you have, no one will care when […]

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Marketing Yourself

Marketing Yourself to Your Coworkers On LinkedIn

One of the best ways to leverage LinkedIn I have been asked by my friends numerous times, “What’s the point […]

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surviving life after college kenny soto

5 Tips To Use When Surviving Life After College

Surviving Life After College Isn’t Easy I recently started the journey of living life as a college graduate and one […]

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Kenny Soto When Is It Okay To Post A Comment?

When Is It Okay To Post A Comment On A Social Post?

Interruption marketing still happens — here’s how to avoid it! This is an Instagram post I made for the #DubChallenge (one […]

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The internet is high school

The Internet Is High School: Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing

Where do I sit? With sweaty hands I walk, thinking about how I make a good impression. Who do I […]

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A lesson I learned in college: civics should be a core subject.

College is filled with life lessons.  You learn about yourself about other people and ideas, discover who you are going […]

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doing spec work kenny soto

Getting a Job After College, Spec Work is The Best Method

What is Spec Work? I’d like to preface this article with where this idea came from—Gary Vaynerchuk. I have been […]

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No degrees of seperation Kenny Soto

There Are No Longer Six Degrees of Separation

What introduced me to this concept. The idea of the Six Degrees of Separation was first introduced to me in […]

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How Landed My First Paid Account as a Consultant at 22 Kenny Soto

My 1st Client as a Digital Marketing Consultant at 22

Believe it or not, I was able to convince my college to hire me. I’m not talking about work study, […]

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The internet so far kenny soto

My Thoughts on The Internet So Far

A quick comparison between the Internet and the WWW. There is a difference between the internet and the world wide […]

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6 steps to time management Kenny Soto

Time Management: A 6-Step Guide For Millennials

The first lesson I learned after graduating college…time management is your key to success. No one will tell you how […]

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Aaron Burden Kenny Soto

“People Get Paid To Think.”

“How do you learn on a daily basis?” “Do you think about what thoughts make up your mind?” “Are you […]

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Baim Hanif Kenny Soto Graduating College

How I Got Employed After Two Weeks Of Graduating College

If you’ve heard or read my rants for the past 6-8 months, I’m constantly trying to convince people to begin […]

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selective slacking

Selective Slacking: Why Sacrificing The “A,” Get's You More

A book highlighted it. I just finished reading this book called Smartcuts by Shane Snow, CEO of Contently. The book’s […]

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CCNY USG Career Building

4 Career Building Lessons I Learned From My Team

This article was originally posted on April 6th, 2016. Anything worth something can not be done without a great team […]

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Pr2politics Kenny Soto Raven Robinson

Pr2Politics: Interview With Raven Robinson

Public Relations, The Political Arena, Advice For College Students, and More… “Never plan, always be prepared.” – We still haven’t […]

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Kenny Soto Futures For Students

Kenny Soto Launches Futures For Students

I’m Creating A Non-Profit! FFS is a 501(c)(3) organization created in direct response to the growing number of lower-income underserved […]

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Why Every Marketing Major Should Toss Their Textbooks In The Trash Kenny Soto

Why Every Marketing Major Should Toss Their Textbooks In The Trash

I have a serious issue with textbooks. As college students, we have to pay for books made 2-3 years ago […]

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emoji marketing

Emoji Marketing: Why you should take it seriously

Changes in marketing & customer service are bound to happen in 2016 due to many things. The use of Emoji […]

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Kenny Soto End of 2015

2015 End of The Year Review: The Experiences and Lessons Learned

This blog post is an entry reviewing some of the many experiences I had over the past year and what […]

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Bareburger HQ NYC

Director of Marketing at BareBurger: Interview With Nabeel Alamgir

First Ever Podcast Episode! "Youth is no promise of innovation and age is no promise of experience." - Nabeel Alamgir […]

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Kenny Soto Derek Magill Interview

Interview with Derek Magill: Standing Out by Advertising Your Resume Online

Standing Out From The Crowd… I chatted with Derek Magill via Quora, over a question I asked on How can […]

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Kenny Soto Getting a Job at Google

How to Get a Job at Google: Answers From an Ex-Googler.

LinkedIn, @brianrabben I recently had the great pleasure of connecting with Brian Rabben via Twitter who used to work at […]

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Job search tips 2016 Kenny Soto

Are You Ready For The 2016 Job Hunt? (12 Min. Read)

The Times Have Changed…. It’s time to fix your job hunting techniques. The year is almost ending, and it’s time […]

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A Digital Marketer's Most Important Asset

A Digital Marketer's Most Important Asset: Their Curiosity

Keep up The Internet is always changing because customer behavior is evolving. How we buy, learn about new information, and […]

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Why Should All College Clubs Have a Facebook Ads Budget?

Why Should All College Clubs Have a Facebook Ads Budget? (8 min. read)

It’s time to rev up your club’s brand awareness. If you are involved in as a leader of a club […]

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LinkedIn Help Kenny Soto

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Interviews

This question was one I asked via Quora in September of 2015, where several business professionals graced me with their insights. […]

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How can college students leverage social media to get interviews at startups? Graham Campbell Kenny Soto

How can college students leverage social media to get interviews at startups?

This question was one I asked via Quora in August of 2015, where several business professionals graced me with their insights. […]

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CCNY Class of 2019 Freshman Convocation Speech by Kenny Soto

CCNY Freshman Convocation Speech: Class of 2019

Introduction Hello there everybody. My name’s Kenny Soto and today I’m gonna give a little speech about what City College […]

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Personal Website Kenny Soto

The 6 Steps to Building a Personal Website

You have to market yourself. You already understand the importance of a personal website if you clicked to read this article […]

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Kenny Soto Photography

Daily Meditation September 6th, 2015

Often times I condemn this place: New York City. Why did I have to born here? What’s the point of […]

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Cost Of College

The Cost of College: 4 Things You Should Be Doing So You Don't Waste Your Money

The College Journey… Here’s a familiar story. You just finished high school, and you’re excited to begin the next part […]

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Kenny Soto Photography

Daily Meditation August 27th, 2015

“…The man who loves has no room for anything else.” Krishnamurti Think On These Things It is only through love […]

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Kenny Soto Photography

Daily Meditation August 24th, 2015

“Given with what we have right now, is there a way to make this better” – Daniel Ek https://youtu.be/QoqohmccTSc?t=2m This […]

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HireOwl Student Spotlight: Kenny Soto

This Student Spotlight was originally posted on HireOwl. Tell us more about yourself. Elaborate on your involvement in student government […]

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Personal Branding Tips For College Students

A Personal Branding Campaign Is Vital For College Seniors & Graduates  Have you ever wondered what was the exact number […]

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Kenny Soto Daily Habits Article

How Your Daily Habits Affect Your Success

Personal Success begins with your habits. As a leader or anyone aspiring to become successful, we are all responsible for […]

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Kenny Soto 4 areas of Inbound marketing

The Four Areas of Inbound Marketing: The Keys to Online Positioning

Customers have complete power As an entrepreneur, there are many challenges that you may face promoting your product or services. All companies […]

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Kenny Soto Getting Paid to Read

An Entrepreneur Mindset: How I Made $70 Getting Paid to Read

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. When we think about entrepreneurs we often picture the daring innovator creating the next big […]

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kenny soto successful meetings post

The Two Essential Parts of a Successful Meeting

Meetings can be a chore but, they are necessary. Regardless of what you do for your business, eventually you will […]

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Option Paralysis Kenny Soto

3 Decision Making Strategies to Counter Option Paralysis

Simple decision-making strategies to increase your productivity Every business professional needs to be effective in completing their tasks but, they can be stumped […]

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Blog post image about organization

Organization: A Leader's Obsession

We are subjected to a constant barrage of tasks and responsibilities. Every day, we have to complete before the end […]

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digital marketing skills post

4 Essential Marketing Skills For 2015

A skill for the future I have been recently contemplating how would I be able to propel myself closer to […]

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digital dieting kenny soto

The Importance of Digital Dieting

Not all time spent on the net is healthy. There are thousands of fitness programs, gyms, and personal trainers out […]

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kenny soto 4 qualities of an effective leader

The 4 Qualities Effective Leader's Have

Before you lead a team… I have come across many people in my time as a student leader. Throughout all the […]

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Learn Digital Marketing kenny soto

3 Reasons Why You Have to Learn Digital Marketing

Today, everyone is their own media company. [Editor’s note: Posted originally on February 8th, 2015] “To me, job titles don’t […]

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