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The Purpose of This Blog: Shared Learning

In 2015, my mentor Maurice Bretzfield had given me a simple task. He told me to start a blog.

When I created my own digital marketer for hire” website, my singular focus was to use it to get a job. While I was still in college, I was looking for any way to make my resume appear more impressive.

I thought that the best topics for me to write about was anything that made me sound smart. This approach didn’t give me fulfillment in my writing (nor did it actually help me in my job search). Additionally, no one would read what I was writing. Over time, writing and managing my blog became a chore. I lost my enthusiasm and could not see any reason to continue sharing my thoughts online.

After almost five years I’ve decided to archive my old posts from 2015 to 2019 on Medium and LinkedIn. I going to try writing again and do it better this time.

I want my blog and the time I spend sharing my thoughts to be valuable, not only to myself but, also to anyone who may stumble upon my writing.

I used to write about random topics. Although these topics were important to me, they weren’t portrayed in the right light.

I shared ideas I liked within the frame of, “look at how much I know about idea X.” Moving forward, my future blog posts will be written within the frame of, “look at how idea X can be useful in your life. Here are examples of how it has been useful in my life and the lives of those I’m learning from.

I want to use my writing as a vehicle for shared learning and I hope that the words I publish will be of use to you as well. I will share lessons that come from books I’m reading, people I encounter, or through my pondering. Hopefully, after reading any post I write, you gain a new idea, question, or perspective.

Let’s see if this time the writing can be more fun and the ideas shared more helpful.


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