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Maybe It’s Time To Ignore The News

Only Relevant Info Remains After We Stop Actively Following Current Events

It may be time for us to stop watching the news. All of us are bombarded by an unprecedented amount of content. The amount of content created each day is expanding at a rate that the average person couldn’t even comprehend.


Your friends, family, favorite influencers, and brands are all competing for your attention — every single second. The only possible way that the news outlets can get their own space in our minds is to spread bad news. “If it bleeds, it leads,” is an age-old phrase commonly used in the media world. With both the consistent acceleration of content being made and the increased access that nations are having to each other, things may seem worse than ever before.


The more that you consume the news, the more this sense of apocalyptic-fear will grow. The news is important but, we must become selective in what we consume. If you were to quit actively consuming the news, only to hear about current events from daily conversation, you will know what is really necessary news. For only the most relevant information tends to stick in our minds. All other news is often sensational, fear-inducing clickbait designed to generate impressions and clicks for ad revenue.

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