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Features and Benefits: Let’s Stop Creating Boring Product Descriptions

Any type of product description can seem boring if you are only focusing on the features

What makes an umbrella special? If you’re in the business of selling umbrellas, there are a ton of online retailers creating products that are eerily similar. A set of product images can only go so far when trying to get a savvy shopper’s attention. Ad retargeting can be an effective countermeasure to the customer who doesn’t fulfill an order but, there isn’t a perfect formula that creates a 100% conversion rate.


Customers want to see one thing before they make the choice to buy. They want to see how the product benefits them. Even if the product description is as detailed as possible, describing the specific material used for manufacturing the rivets of the umbrella, or the country where the polyester for the canopy was made—features aren’t interesting.


If you want to truly captivate your customer, to have them only consider your product, you need to tell them how your umbrella’s features benefit their lives. “Made with long-lasting waterproof fabric and a wind-resistant design that can withstand up to 60 mph winds,” isn’t enough to get me to spend $32 on an umbrella.


I could get any $5 umbrella from a local grocery and just keep replacing it every two to three months if I lose it or it breaks. What makes your umbrella so special?


Telling stories in the product descriptions bring the benefits to life

Instead of telling your customers the features of the product, first, tell them how their lives will be changed from buying it. This makes the product more relatable and appealing.


“Stop buying umbrellas that stress you out! Start every rainy commute to work knowing that your umbrella will last you months without and tears or broken ribs. Our customers never have to worry about trying to fix an inverted mess while getting soaked in the rain.”


The average consumer doesn’t care about whether the shaft is made of bamboo or telescopic fiberglass. What they care about is whether the umbrella will last a long time, look great in any occasion, and if it dries fast. Tell us a story about this and you’ll stand out!


There are a ton of ways to explain what makes your umbrellas unique, but you have to promote both the benefits and the features. Features are easy to list out and are often (unfortunately) the only things displayed on a page.


Tell us how your product benefits us and the more you tell these benefits through a story (with images, words, and video) the more likely we are going to spend our money on you. Especially if your product is something as simple as an umbrella, which in fact is a type of product that has a ton of complexity behind its design.


Image Credit: Unsplash

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