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Slow Days

There are days when you can’t escape the boredom. These days aren’t planned, they just happen. When we are work or at home, once the boredom sets in, time begins to move too damn slow.


What can do when faced with these moments? We can play a mobile game and speed up a couple of minutes. We can binge Youtube or Netflix videos to help us find meaning in the day. Or we can take a walk outside or exercise.


We can do a lot of things on a slow day. What is most important is actually doing something. The only way a slow day will end is if you do your best to be active. Yet, you don’t necessarily need to be productive—there doesn’t need to be a specific goal in mind that you have to complete on that day.


Sometimes you are having a slow day because you are working too hard and need to relax. If you are experiencing one today, try and do something new. It could be something as simple as rearranging your furniture or something as random as signing up and attending a cooking workshop.


Slow days can be the best kind of days because they can give us the opportunity to discover new ways to tackle boredom. Boredom is inevitable but, we don’t need to wait it out until it’s time for bed. You can enjoy the slow days.


Image Credit: Gratisography

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