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The Easiest Way To Notice You’re In A New Country: Birds

Birds can help you truly experience a country

Birds are extremely unique animals. I never used to pay much attention to pigeons while living in New York City. It is only once you start traveling that you begin to realize how unique pigeons are, and birds in general. Having traveled throughout Asia, and now South Africa, places with noticeably loud birds, I have begun to appreciate them so much more.


Some birds, like the South African kwêvoël or the Hadada ibis, make me laugh whenever they sound their mating calls. The birds of Bali made me want to sing. The birds in Shenzhen reminded me that I wasn’t only surrounded by buildings and cameras.


When traveling, notice the different animals around you, especially the birds. It is the fastest way to realize how different a place can be from your hometown.


Image Credit: Unsplash

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