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Where’s The Adventure?

You don’t need to leave your hometown to find a new exciting adventure to chase. Sometimes the adventure that you seek is one where you’re discovering more about yourself. If you’re feeling like your life isn’t going anywhere, like you’re failing someone, it could be a sign of severe boredom.


The easiest way to make life more exciting is to discover new places. Yet, if travel isn’t immediately available to you, simply try learning something new. Figure out what is something you’ve always wanted to learn but, never tried to. Failure in changing your life only happens when you find an excuse not to seek adventure anymore.


Children can make an adventure out of anything. We lose this ability as we grow up but, it is easy to learn again.


There will be a learning curve to anything you pursue and over time the curve will get steeper. And that is the whole point, the steeper the curve, the more opportunities for adventure there will be for you. Just know that you are in full control of finding the adventure and actually starting.


No one is going to push you in the right direction. There is an abundance of resources out there to help you find a better you, but you need to have the courage to take the first step.


“Excuses are tools for the weak and incompetent, used to build monuments of nothing and bridges to nowhere.”

— Tau Kappa Epsilon


Image Credit: Unsplash

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