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Creativity In Business: Connecting 2 Old Ideas In New Situations

You don’t need to consider yourself an artist to have creative and useful ideas

Creativity in business is best defined as, “novel associations that are useful.” In Rasputin for Hire: An Inside Look at Management Consulting Between Jobs Or as a Second Career, consultant Michael A. Goodman makes a point that creativity has to be useful in order for your ideas to be adopted by your client. Regardless of the type of business, you’re in, being able to provide a novel solution to a problem will always lead to future business.


People get paid to think and most of our work revolves around solving problems. Sometimes the best idea is an old one that is taken out of context and put into a new one.


Consider work you’ve done in the past—how can you use that past experience in a new situation? Can the work you’re doing now be used in a new industry? Is it possible to have useful ideas during the most uncertain of times?


There is definitely a way to make your unique perspective something of value, to someone who’s willing to hear what you have to say. They’ll even pay for your ideas if you present them in a way that excites them and causes action.


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