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The Next Time You Post Something: Listen Before Creating Your Content

How are you leveraging your customer’s complaints?

Words have power. If you can provide a simple message that’s understandable and excites me enough to act, you’ve won. However, we are posting content without listening to what our users have to say.


Our users are complaining on Reddit and Twitter, they are complaining about our competitors and about us. If we want to stop these complaints we have to listen to them. That way we can take their concerns and make better products and services, and create better messaging to promote them. It’s the best way to start creating our content.


Give me the visual in the simplest and shortest message possible so I can thank you for your content and move on with my day. I’m already bombarded with ads and I don’t have the time to be suffocated by your mission, vision, and purpose. Does your brand help me? If the answer is yes, that’s one problem solved.


The next problem is telling me that you can help me, without wasting my time. The best way to do this can be revealed by listening to what I’ve complained about and what words I used to complain about it.


“Less is more,” is a cliche for a reason.


Image Credit: Unsplash

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