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Creatives can only succeed if they are consistent

Even if it is to serve yourself, to improve your thinking, take the time to share your voice. Your voice matters. Someone will eventually hear what you have to say and whether or not they agree with you—the creator’s mission is to have their work be read, heard, digested.


The ideal case is that through each post that you share, you gain one new follower. However, you can invest five years of your life to a craft only to have 30 committed fans. Depending on how fulfilling the work is (and if you’re planning to live off of your work) will determine whether or not you should continue pursuing success.


And success is a vague term. Depending on what your work is, what it entails, 30 fans (committed customers) can feed you for a year if you can get them to value your work at $1,000 a product (imagine a book or course costing that much).


Just remember that you can pursue a craft for years without anyone caring about it. You can commit to something and not make a cent. Yet, if you are happy in the struggle then you are still winning.


People are reading less and less. That doesn’t stop me from writing. I’m certain that the 30 people who read this blog (or at least click on a link to have the page load) gain something of value from my words. Those are the people I write for. In the event that they stop reading, then I suppose I’m writing for myself.


Things could be worse.


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