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An Effective Press Release Needs One Thing: A Unique Story

Before hiring someone to write your press release, make sure they can capture the story

You know why your business is special, but it may be hard to communicate this fact. The challenge you’re facing is trying to focus on what makes your brand special without focusing on the business itself. So instead of promoting the brand’s story, focus on the category’s story.


If you’re a brand new internet-of-things product, innovating the automobile industry, focus on telling the press a story about novel changes to the automobile industry. If you’re an apparel brand that donates half of its revenue to feeding children, focus on the after-effects of the children who have been positively impacted.


Think about the world that surrounds your brand and try to tell the journalist (the person reading the press release) the news story without mentioning your business and what you do. If you can successfully accomplish this, then you can add one to two sentences about how and why your brand is relevant to the story.


A press release is supposed to incite curiosity, not a feeling of becoming defensive. Don’t sell, narrate.


Image Credit: Unsplash

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