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Even If It’s Your First Time, Say Yes

There is no safe way to grow

An online course can only teach you so much. Using the tools on your own, clicking around and looking at all the settings can help, but there is truly only one way to learn how to use a tool. You have to be put in the position to have to help someone who gives you a task regarding the tool.


Back in 2015 when I started this blog, I didn’t know anything about how to manage a website. Within these five years, my site has broken at least 30 times and in 28 of those times, I didn’t have a backup file that I could rely on.


My site has been hacked and people have put malware on it (now I use reCaptcha on my login page). SEO was a big issue for me too but, now if you search “Kenny Soto” on Google, I’m #1 on the search.


However, even though I’ve learned from my mistakes I have learned more about WordPress in the past year creating and optimizing websites for my clients, than I have from working on my own website. The best way to learn how to use a tool is to get paid using it. Even if it will be your first time using the tool, take the chance to learn how to use it as you go.


In the ideal scenario, even without experience you will be assigned the task because of your eagerness to learn. It’s better to ask for the assignment and get rejected than to stop yourself from learning a new skill.


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