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Dealing With Reality

There is only one thing you can control

Your response to what is going on is the only thing you can control. You certainly influence other aspects of reality and you can even influence the decisions that other people make in their lives—but you cannot control them.


Influence is the operative word here.


Expecting to use logic and sound reason to convince people that the reality that they are living is fake isn’t going to change anything. How you respond to them may influence the situation, but that’s as far as you can go.


Believing that you can shift the way the day will go out of sheer force of will may influence how you feel, but it will seldom change the actual events that will occur. We make plans and predictions and hope that our reasoning is accurate.


There are several moving parts at play in any given situation and you can only minimize your influence on them once you focus on the one part that you can control: yourself.


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