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Do we have a report to support our claims?

One challenge that will regularly come up when serving a client is trying to convince them that all ideas are valid, unless there is data that proves otherwise. It is okay to deploy 50 versions of an ad—testing the image, video, CTA button, copy, and other variables.


We should try leveraging every audience targeting parameter available. We should test every assumption and not come to a conclusion without a report.


We also have to resist the urge to omit data or skew it in a way that sustains your relationship with the client, out of fear of being seen in a bad light because there isn’t a constant improvement. It is absolutely acceptable for some campaigns to not perform as well as others—so long as we can learn from the data and come out the other end with action items and concrete lessons.


Data can tell a story. We have to make sure that the story is told, that it is unbiased, and that it teaches us something. Without these stories, we are praying and spraying. And that type of marketing is a thing of the past.


Image credit: Unsplash

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