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The Next Time You Come Across An Opportunity

Sometimes it is better to share a would-be client than to simply deny extra work

If you find yourself in the advantageous situation of having to say no to working with new clients, you have a great opportunity. Instead of telling the client that you don’t have the bandwidth to help them at the moment and adding them to an impersonal newsletter to “nurture” them and have them convert at a later date—point them to someone else who can help them.


Part of a good business strategy is to deploy kindness at every chance you get.


Just because you can’t help the client doesn’t mean that you also can’t help them find someone else who is just as capable as you are at getting the job done. Even if you miss out on more revenue for your business, you don’t necessarily need that client to pay you in money to help you out.


If you refer another consultant or freelancer to a client you can’t help at the moment, they will definitely remember your kindness. You can then leverage that favor you did for them in the future, for a potential referral to someone in their network, who may need your help.


Business at the end of the day is in large part based upon who you help the most. Sometimes you don’t need to help a client directly in order to grow your business.


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