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Is The Title Digital Marketer Even Valid?

Digital marketing has become such an overarching term that it doesn’t seem right to use it in conversations unless I’m talking about a field of study, rather than an occupation. You see, a digital marketer can be someone who works with social media, UX/UI design, data visualization, paid media, or even client retention. Digital marketing in a way has become too synonymous with great customer service and as a result, it has forced us in a way to reconsider the different forms a job in digital marketing can take.

Nowadays, the list of skills required to succeed in digital marketing has become tremendously long. Having a grasp of several platforms, how to creatively develop and deploy content, and keeping up with specific-industry changes forces all digital marketers to reconsider their job titles. Instead of labeling yourself as a digital marketer, you should consider yourself in a perpetual hybrid-like role. Once this mindset shift has been made, then it becomes easier to deal with the inevitable change that will come into our profession.

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