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Starting A Podcast Is A Great Idea

Imagine if you can ask your favorite experts any question?

I’ve been recently looking for the best and most customized solution to a problem I’ve always wanted to solve: how can get I a unique education from the internet?

I discovered that one easy way to do this, with the least amount of overhead possible, is by starting an interview show. After mulling over whether or not I wanted my interview show to be based in a video or an audio format, I decided to go with audio mainly because of how much more relaxed doing a podcast is compared to a video show.

In a recent interview with Matt Lebris, who has his own podcast, he told me that it’s surprisingly easy to reach out to anyone you want on the internet. The answer to anything is automatically no if you don’t ask. With that in mind, I created a list of 200 digital marketers from all over the world and have begun reaching out to all of them with the hopes that they would be on my podcast. This side-project has proven to be extremely valuable and a great use of my time so far!

I love the idea of having my own podcast because the worst-case scenario of me doing this is that I don’t get a response from potential guests and I just continue my outreach elsewhere. The best-case scenario is:

  1. I get to ask marketing experts anything I want to learn,
  2. I create unique content that can then be shared with their fans and hopefully my own,
  3. I can help at least one other person who may have the same questions that I’m asking.

Also, doing a podcast is exciting and fun. I’ve been blogging for five years and have always enjoyed writing about marketing but, I think I may have found a new side-project to fall in love with.

Starting a podcast has certainly been the best decision I’ve made for my career this year.

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