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Who am I?

I am a person shaped by the neighborhood I grew up in. Coming from the Castle Hill projects in Bronx, New York, some might say I was destined for a mediocre life (at best). Through the grace of the universe, my family’s inability to allow me to settle for the mediocre, and the help of amazing mentors, I now live a life I did not think was even remotely accessible.


I am currently spending the beginning of my professional career traveling the world. After graduating from college, I spent my first two postgrad years working in marketing agencies. I thought I had “made it.”


Even after entering my dream job I still felt that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. After a lot of self-reflection and conversations with my mentor, Maurice Bretzfield, I decided to move to China and become an English teacher.


While living in China, I realized I was following into the same pattern I was in back in New York. Wake up, work for eight hours, go home, eat, shower, sleep. The initial excitement that came from traveling 7,140 miles across the world dimmed rather quickly.


Then one night, as I was having a life-affirming conversation with my girlfriend Mart-Mari, we both decided to take a leap of faith. Now as of January 2020, I have shifted to being an online freelancer. I have removed the tether of having to work in a specific location to make ends meet. I currently do strategic consulting and freelance marketing to start-ups and small businesses until I transition back to the United States.


Going from a kid from the Bronx to a vagabond doesn’t sound so bad. This is only another part of (hopefully) a long story. As time goes on, who knows what else may occur in my life both professionally and personally.


Why do I write?

The ideal scenario for this blog is to find a way to make what I write a vehicle for shared learning. I want to create a system in which whatever I write from the questions I encounter and think about, generate questions from you, the reader, that then inspires me to write more and you to learn more.


I don’t consider myself an expert anything, I do believe that I am very curious. This curiosity hasn’t led me astray yet. I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to be curious for myself interest and for the interest of others.


My mission is to inspire you through my writing to constantly learn, to learn about things that can be useful to you professionally and personally. Whether it’s through experiments in increasing productivity, tips on where and how to travel, or how to learn better — the posts I publish will be made to help you grow with me.


If my story or my mission resonates with you, then I hope you not only take the time to read my work but, that you also engage with me. Send me a message via Twitter or LinkedIn (links above) or we can engage via email too. If you’ve read up to this point, thank you so much for your time.


I don’t consider myself an expert on any particular topic. I just consider myself one lucky kid who is trying his best to maximize the life he has on this planet.


Thanks to you, the reader, for taking the time out of your day to read my biography. And thanks to WordPress for helping me host my website.

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