Looking For Remote Work? Don’t Pay Money To Find The Opportunities

Although remote work job boards make the search easier, you pay an unnecessary premium for a chance at the job

The best option is to reach out to a community. Whether it’s the one you’re already in or a new one that you discover in Facebook groups, Linkedin, or Reddit—there are benefits to asking for help. You don’t need to pay a platform or agency to help you find your opportunities. If you put in the hard work, the opportunities you find will be more relevant to your skillset and your chances of success will be higher.


Playing the numbers game right now is going to be a waste of time. Tailor every resume and application to what the business needs, which sometimes means reading between the lines.


There is a risk in hiring someone as a remote worker, especially if they don’t have a proven track record of working remotely. Companies that are new to remote work are focusing on transitioning their current employees and companies with established remote workers require incoming candidates to demonstrate how they will make this new transition into remote work easy, in their applications.


Consider the risks businesses are taking in hiring you and try to address them when you apply. If you put yourself in the business owner’s or hiring manager’s shoes you’ll see that what they are looking for is a candidate who has the right skills for the job and who is trustworthy.


Your job search will take time. Don’t rush the process and definitely don’t waste money trying to get other people to do the work for you. That money could be better spent starting your own website or even saved for even more tough times ahead.


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If You’re Stuck At Home, Now’s The Best Time To Start Cooking

If you’re used to only eating takeout, start cooking

Cooking is absolutely in my list of top three hobbies. If you’re trying to survive the boredom of being stuck at home and you want to stay healthy, cooking can be a great hobby to start obsessing over. Don’t fall into the trap of ordering takeout every day this month, instead order some basic ingredients from your favorite dishes and make them at home.


The best way to start is by making sure you have the basic kitchenware to cook—a sharp kitchen knife, frying pan, a pot to boil (with a lid), baking pans, and hopefully you have an oven for baking. If you have these tools, the next step is making sure you have the essential seasonings and cooking oil. Salt, pepper, and olive oil are the three fundamental parts of any dish.


If you want to give your pallet a great experience I also recommend adding these spices and sauces to your cabinet:

  • Cumin
  • Basil
  • Paprika
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic (garlic powder is okay)
  • Ginger
  • Soy sauce
  • Lemon juice
  • and oyster sauce


I have a preface for cooking Latin and Asian dishes but, I’ve found that most meals that have meat are better served with any combination of four spices from the list above, in addition to salt and pepper. Additionally, you want to learn how to cook three fundamental carbs:

  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta/Noodles

Taking your diet out of consideration for a moment, these three carbs are found in most Latin and Asian dishes and are great for your budget. Once you master cooking these three types of carbs, then you can start diving into cooking veggies and meat.


Another aspect of cooking you definitely want to start learning about is preparation. Prepping for a meal saves you time and makes the whole process of making food easier. The skills you’ll need to learn for prepping include knife skills, portion control and measuring, and learning how to marinate.


Lastly, to begin your journey into your new cooking hobby you want to start learning from these three Youtube channels:

No one article or video can encapsulate the world of cooking and this article in particular only scratches the surface. However, I hope that the lists above show you how easy it is to get started with a very productive and fun hobby!


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A New Transition: Preparing For My Job Search In 2021

Even if the event doesn’t come to pass, create action steps ahead of time

I’m afraid of my prospects when searching for a job in 2021. Just in March of 2020 alone, we saw a loss of over 700,00 jobs. Regardless of the industry, I’m certain that some of the people who were laid off were working in marketing.


Next year I will be competing with both new graduates, established professionals, and everyone who is just as (if not more) hungry as me for an opportunity to work for a team and to grow their brand. So the question is, “How do I position myself to stand out? How do I make myself more useful than my competition?”


I believe the first step in answering these two questions is to keep an abundance-mindset. Even though it seems as if there is little to go around and that jobs are and will be scarce, with enough creativity and content, I am sure I will have something to show. And that is what I need to focus on, what we should all focus on—showing our ideas, our thoughts and opinions.


We need to look past the resume

A resume will not be enough this year. And a resume won’t hold up against another 100 similar ones. A resume can’t hold up to an applicant tracking system that will mark it invalid if it is missing a certain number of “vital keywords.” What will hold up and stand the test of time is a personal brand that is both authentic and exciting. There’s no need to fake it till you make it, but we have to consider what is unique to us.


I’ll be focusing more and doubling down on my writing, since I consider it to be the skill I’m best at and best known for. Aside from other skills I have and new ones I’m adding to my tool belt, I’m also putting an emphasis on being as slow as possible. There is no need to rush my job search, rushing is how mistakes happen. If I don’t rush, I’m certain that jobs will come to me—making this process easier.


If I believe there is an abundance of opportunity out there, it will put my mind in a better place to find a solution to my problem. Let’s see what happens.


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Creativity In Business: Connecting 2 Old Ideas In New Situations

You don’t need to consider yourself an artist to have creative and useful ideas

Creativity in business is best defined as, “novel associations that are useful.” In Rasputin for Hire: An Inside Look at Management Consulting Between Jobs Or as a Second Career, consultant Michael A. Goodman makes a point that creativity has to be useful in order for your ideas to be adopted by your client. Regardless of the type of business, you’re in, being able to provide a novel solution to a problem will always lead to future business.


People get paid to think and most of our work revolves around solving problems. Sometimes the best idea is an old one that is taken out of context and put into a new one.


Consider work you’ve done in the past—how can you use that past experience in a new situation? Can the work you’re doing now be used in a new industry? Is it possible to have useful ideas during the most uncertain of times?


There is definitely a way to make your unique perspective something of value, to someone who’s willing to hear what you have to say. They’ll even pay for your ideas if you present them in a way that excites them and causes action.


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There Will Be A Cost To Begin & A Cost To Finish

What will it cost you?

There is a price you’ll need to pay when you decide to chase your dreams. After defining your fears and realizing that life will continue even if you experience them, the next step to chasing your dreams requires you to understand the costs involved with pursuing them.


These costs are largely discovered in hindsight so one of the best ways to accurately gauge what chasing your dreams will cost you is by studying other people who have successfully crossed the chasm from thinking to doing. Many people have had the same dreams that you have and they have documented how they’ve both succeeded and failed at trying to achieve those dreams.


Even when there are new events in the world, there are always lessons to be learned by studying history. Surely as time goes on, the biggest cost to not trying to realize your dreams will be boredom and regret. Any costs necessary for realizing your dreams will be cheap in comparison to a life of misery.


If you don’t know what it takes to start and to continue, that’s okay—know that you can and will muster what it takes. And if you fail, just try again.


Failures are necessary breaks, they are not conclusions.


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