An Effective Press Release Needs One Thing: A Unique Story

Before hiring someone to write your press release, make sure they can capture the story

You know why your business is special, but it may be hard to communicate this fact. The challenge you’re facing is trying to focus on what makes your brand special without focusing on the business itself. So instead of promoting the brand’s story, focus on the category’s story.


If you’re a brand new internet-of-things product, innovating the automobile industry, focus on telling the press a story about novel changes to the automobile industry. If you’re an apparel brand that donates half of its revenue to feeding children, focus on the after-effects of the children who have been positively impacted.


Think about the world that surrounds your brand and try to tell the journalist (the person reading the press release) the news story without mentioning your business and what you do. If you can successfully accomplish this, then you can add one to two sentences about how and why your brand is relevant to the story.


A press release is supposed to incite curiosity, not a feeling of becoming defensive. Don’t sell, narrate.


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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Traveling

Knowing Your Barriers For Acting Is Half Of The Battle

There are many reasons that can stop you from traveling the world. Once you know what they are, you can convince yourself that it is possible.


You’re dependent on getting your vacation days approved

If you don’t want to dream about traveling anymore, you have to start removing the limitations in your life. The first one to start removing is your employer. I’m not advocating that you submit your letter of resignation tomorrow, but you should start by setting up an automated deposit to your savings account. If you have a financial plan that you’re committed to, that will decrease the dependency you have on your employer.


Long-term travel doesn’t necessitate that you quit your job but, in most cases that is what you will need to do. Some employers will allow you to take a six-month break or sabbatical, but that tends to only happen with mid-level to senior-level managers. There is a risk involved in leaving your job to go travel the world but, if they truly see your value they will keep an open spot for you in the future. If they don’t want to hire you when you come back, they are losing out on a better version of who you are.


You’re scared of not being with your friends and family

When you travel for a long time, you will also sacrifice time spent with friends and family. You won’t be there for the birthdays, barbecues, and weekend Netflix binging sessions at your cousin’s house. Yet, what you will gain from your experience traveling will match, and sometimes transcend moments spent with your loved ones.


You’ll be able to come back with a bunch of cool stories to share with your friends and family. Even better, you may even inspire some of them to start their own adventures.


You’re worried that taking a pause on your career will set you back

You don’t need to put a pause on your career while traveling. Becoming a digital nomad can be an option you can explore if you prepare in advance by finding remote work. There are a ton of digital nomads in the world who find their jobs by researching Youtube to discover what’s available and then using LinkedIn, Craigslist, Monster, AngelList, and other job platforms to find work. It will take time but, if a hypothetical hiring manager’s opinion of your resume gap is your biggest concern, don’t worry.


You can also use your travels to augment your resume. Highlighting what skills you learned during your experiences — negotiating, time management, and budgeting — can help you stand out during your next interview.


You’re afraid of traveling because it seems dangerous

The most dangerous places in the world tend to only be dangerous because the news needs to grab your attention. Most scams in any country can be researched prior to your trip (Youtubers love doing “Top 10 Scams” videos).


Traveling helps you gain a better sense of awareness for your surroundings, the point is to leave home even if you’re scared. Locals in other countries treat travelers kindly for the most part, but it is also imperative that you research local customs and etiquette before arriving at your destination.


Finding all the reasons for not traveling can be a somewhat insurmountable task. There are definitely more reasons that you can use to convince yourself not to leave. However, traveling is accessible to all of us if we are only willing to take the first step. The first step is usually just saying, “it’s possible.” Then simply use the internet to start researching and preparing. This is when you begin making the dream practical and achievable.


Maybe It’s Time To Ignore The News

Only Relevant Info Remains After We Stop Actively Following Current Events

It may be time for us to stop watching the news. All of us are bombarded by an unprecedented amount of content. The amount of content created each day is expanding at a rate that the average person couldn’t even comprehend.


Your friends, family, favorite influencers, and brands are all competing for your attention — every single second. The only possible way that the news outlets can get their own space in our minds is to spread bad news. “If it bleeds, it leads,” is an age-old phrase commonly used in the media world. With both the consistent acceleration of content being made and the increased access that nations are having to each other, things may seem worse than ever before.


The more that you consume the news, the more this sense of apocalyptic-fear will grow. The news is important but, we must become selective in what we consume. If you were to quit actively consuming the news, only to hear about current events from daily conversation, you will know what is really necessary news. For only the most relevant information tends to stick in our minds. All other news is often sensational, fear-inducing clickbait designed to generate impressions and clicks for ad revenue.

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